Sunday, September 20, 2015

Belleville, early morning, September

So, Lately I got myself a refurbished Nikon CoolPix compact camera, because I wanted to have something reliable on me at all times. The DSLR is too heavy and big and the phone is just not good enough. The 16 megapixels of the Nikon make a nice job here, don't they?

This is Belleville, by the way, about 7:10 on a Sunday morning. This morning, September 20th, 2015.

I was waiting for the bus and I had a bit of time to experiment a bit. It's not easy to play with long exposures, since it's impossible to stay still long enough, but in this case here, I made it. I love how one bike has left while the other one is still waiting for the green light. I love this photo.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Insects everywhere! (macro)

Yesterday I decided to turn the lens around and go to explore the garden. The findings were very interesting, although I had lots of trouble to get them stable. You know what happens with these things. The slightest move looks huge when you try to take a macro photo. As usual, click to enlarge.

That's an ant. They run like freaking hell. I couldn't catch them properly. It was unbelievable.
I had caught one of those an evening and it was moving a lot. This one did me the favour to remain static but the leaf wasn't very willing to cooperate. Anyway, I managed to get this shot.
This one was the most helpful. Did you know that they look green with the naked eye? I was shocked to see that the colour difference between this and the plant is so enormous.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

More macro (probably there will be many of those)!

The chance I was waiting for ever since I got this little ring that allows me to magnify small stuff, came last night. There was a spider in the house. So, I grabbed the little torch and proceeded to use her (or him, I don't know) as my model. The results are here. As usual, click on the photos in order to see them bigger as a slideshow.

Unfortunately, because of the inefficient light, the ISO was skyrocketed and the noise is too much. Nothing like the sunlight, I guess. But we have to take some photos somehow.
The same model from a different angle. Notice the spark in the eyes. All eight of them.  

As I was escorting the first model to the exit, another one appeared and I took the chance. Unfortunately, this model was not very static and I didn't manage to get any very good photos. But still, I managed something little. Not very bad, I'd say.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Macro! (+ bonus)

After a very long time, I decided that I want to post something here. Some macro stuff, because it's freaking beautiful! Without further delay, we're going right to the photos! As always, click on the first one so that you can see them bigger, as a little slideshow.
This thing here is supposed to be a tiny snail. I'm impressed with what you can do with a small ring that adjusts to the lens and makes it magnify stuff like this.
This cutie was upside down, but I preferred to turn it around for the artistic purposes of this blog. Ain't she a beauty? Yes, she is. I mean, she must be female, right?

This one is the reason why I made today's post. This must be one of the best photos I've ever taken. And I was quite lucky to get it perfectly sharp on my first effort too, because almost right after that, this long fly-like insect flew away. This is just awesome. I'm actually proud of this photo.

This is the bonus photo. Kevin Spacey is great, but my stupidity couldn't resist.

Friday, November 15, 2013

To Greece and back

It's been a very long time since I wrote here. That's because I went to Greece for a bit less than two weeks and I was kind of too busy for posting. But I took some very interesting photos which I will present you here soon. Also, we did another movie, all from scratch. You will find out more in the next weeks, hopefully.

Today's photos were taken in November 3rd, somewhere near a lake at the Nestos area. It was near sunset, so the lighting was beautiful. And I was with Perix, whose page you should check if you want to see some photos of extreme quality, so I had some expert guidance too. Let's check the material now.

The temperatures were beautiful while I was there. Even if the trees weren't fooled and lost their leaves on time.
With the editing and the enhanced colours, as usual, the photo looks much more interesting.
Here I'm trying Perix's 10X magnifying glass on the 18-55mm lens, on the fungi on a tree.
And here I'm using some editing. The depth of field is extremely narrow, as you can see, which meant that I had to be very still if I didn't want to lose the focused part.
But, as it happens usually, soon the sun went pretty low. Still, it made for some great shots. This is just one of them.
Click on it, so that you can see better the flock of birds at the center of the photo. Click on it and you'll see all of the photos better.